Mexico City, Mexico
Thursday Morning, March 13

On Thursday morning we went with Pastors Manuel and Claudia to a breakfast for pastors that Pastor Wayne Myers had coordinated. Wayne and his wife, Martha, have been missionaries to Mexico for 61 years. He is one of the most renowned Christian leaders in Mexico. Many, many pastors were there from as far as 9 hours away. Dave originally met Wayne in March of 2005 when he was asked to pray for Wayne's ears at a healing conference in Mexico City with Randy Clark. Every several months Wayne Myers pulls pastors together because he has such a heart for unity and many of these pastors are his spiritual sons and daughters. It was a great privilege to be able to attend this breakfast and we were honored to be there. We were able to connect again with Mario and Jenny Hector, Alberto and Sara Hernandez, Juan José and Lucero Aguilar and to meet a number of other pastors. We received several invitations to come to new churches when we return next year.






Texcoco, Mexico
Saturday Night, March 15

We had a great meeting at the church of Hernan and Nancy (we can't remember their last name). Two years ago we visited a Christian gathering at a university here and they were the leaders. Tonight we went to their church. There were a lot of young people that were very passionate for God. The worship lasted an hour and a half.

Dave shared on God's desire to manifest His Kingdom in our midst and then we asked if there was anyone there with flat feet (since we have seen so many healed this trip). A young lady raised her hand and came up front to be healed. We had her sit in a chair up front and invited anyone that wanted to see a miracle take place to come forward (probably 30 people came forward). Within a couple minutes she was totally healed and started walking around barefoot. Then a few more people with flat feet came forward (when they saw that God was actually healing). 4 people total were given arches for their feet.

Dave got a word of knowledge for pain in the right foot. A young girl came forward and God healed her ankle and her toes. She was so excited she could hardly talk and cried and laughed as she shared her testimony. Click on this link to watch the video of her miracle.




























people were healed of pain in the head, neck and upper back.

A man was healed of a painful urinary infection that he had for 2 months. All the pain left.

4 year old boy was knock-kneed and God straitened his legs. He was also partially deaf in his left ear and God totally restored his hearing.

A young man with pain in his knee from an injury was healed.

A man with a shoulder problem was healed. God also healed pain in his right foot.

A young man was healed from pain that he had in his shoulder for 8 months. He was able to move his arm with a full range of motion without any pain after prayer.

A young gal was healed of headache pain she had perpetually for many years. The healing involved deliverance because of her mom's involvement with witchcraft. Her testimony was powerful as she shared what God had just done in her life.












We took time at the end of the service to pray an impartation on those who wanted to experience a greater anointing for healing on their lives. We prayed for about 30 people.







At the end of the service we gave opportunity for those who had just received an impartation to pray for the sick. We prayed for two people and then we ran out of people that needed healing. There was no one left with any pain in their bodies............Glory to God!

Texcoco, Mexico
Sunday Morning, March 16

We have enjoyed our time with Pastors Manuel & Claudia Leal and their church. We feel a special connection with them.

We had a very exciting and exhausting time in the 2 services this Sunday morning. God did many exciting miracles. Many people were set free of pain in their bodies in the first service. Backs, knees, necks were healed. The prayer time went into the first part of the 2nd service.








































In the second service, during the preaching time, we called up a man with flat feet and Mikki and Claudia began to pray for him. He was totally amazed as God began to give him arches in his feet.

5 people with wrist problems were healed. The pain totally left. Two of them tried desperately to find the pain they had minutes before and could not find it. Glory to God!

4 people with back problems were healed. One was a man who also had a lot of pain in his little finger of his right hand. All the pain left his finger. He was so filled with joy!

3 people with pain in their right shoulder were healed. One man with pack pain also had pain in his left knee and God healed it.

An older woman had extreme pain in her left heel from bone spurs. It was very painful for her to walk. She also had much pain in her lower back. God healed her instantly - she was smiling broadly as she tested her new feet and back!





























We have had a wonderful time in Mexico as we have seen God's power manifested. One new miracle that we had not seen before was God giving arches to flat feet. We saw that happen about 20 times (everyone we prayed for). We are so excited when God does something new (or something that we have not seen before). It has seemed like praying for this area has been as normal to us as praying for backs.
Flat out....Jesus is Lord!

We want to give special thanks to the people who were praying consistently for us. It really made a difference and we share the reward for the victories with you. God is good!


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